Portsmouth Named 5th Best Small Town in the World

Posted by Gove Group on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 at 2:54pm.

There have been no shortage of nominations coming out of New Hampshire and specifically Portsmouth in recent years, but this may be one of our highest rankings yet. A man named Gunnar Garfors has visited every country on the planet, and was recently asked to pick his top 20 small towns in the world, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire made the list. To qualify, towns must have a population under 100,000. To make it even more interesting, Garfors limited himself to include no more than one town per any given country; Portsmouth got his nomination for the best small town in the United States, and ranked #5 best small town in the world.

Garfors reports that he chose his favorites based on the people, the food, the fun, and the atmosphere. Here is his synopsis of Portsmouth, "The historic seaport on the border of New Hampshire and Maine is a seafood lover's dream and leaving without eating lobster from the area should be a crime -- the quality is amazing and the prices much lower than expected. I love the small-town atmosphere in Portsmouth (it's actually one of the oldest towns in the US), and it has a nice array of shops, pubs, breweries, and restaurants. And because Maine is across the bridge to the north, and Boston a short drive to the south, there's plenty to see and do if you venture out." Portsmouth has a population of 22,000.

Portsmouth was ranked among small towns in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Peru, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Argentina, Tanzania, among others, and was only beat by Kep, Cambodia; Tromsø, Norway; Island of Saint-Louis, Senegal; and his number one pick, Falmouth, United Kingdom.

To read the full article and see Garfors' other picks, click here. We are very excited our Portsmouth was named the best small town in the country, and fifth best in the world!

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