It doesn't matter how special your home is if no one knows about it.

It's why The Gove Group created its own professional marketing department and staffed it with a team of professional writers, graphic designers and public relations experts that do nothing else but strategize the best way to market our new developments and existing homes. Our dedicated team uses a combination of elegant photography, informative sales collateral, prominent signage and targeted advertising to help educate, motivate and drive sellers to our new construction developments.

Experience Matters. Experience Delivers

Trained in the latest industry techniques and trends, each Gove Group marketing professional brings a wealth of experience and real estate knowledge that adds enormous value to the entire new construction selling process. The Gove Group marketing team has forged strong relationships in the real estate industry, created solid partnerships with marketing vendors and made important connections both the broadcast and print media community.

More Eyes. More Visibility

Our Gove Group headquarters, strategically located on Portsmouth Avenue in Stratham, boasts prominent electronic signage that helps sell our homes and communities by taking advantage of the road's plentiful traffic numbers and the Seacoast's growing population. Additionally, we participate in various events throughout the year to reach new audiences, share our real estate knowledge and widen our exposure in the communities we serve.

Changing the Way Real Estate Happens

The way prospective buyers search for real estate is changing. Nearly 90% of consumers seeking a home now start their search online. By adopting a targeted multi-media approach, our marketing team takes steps to ensure that our online presence is vast as well as maintaining a high level of exposure with video in social media, print advertising, direct mail campaigns and highly visible signage.