How a Dual Agency Can Transform the Way You Do Business

Posted: March, 9, 2021 | Categories: Buyer Resources | By The Gove Group Real Estate, LLC


We choose to operate as a Dual Agency rather than a Designated Agency because it allows us greater opportunity to work together and better serve our clients. Here are 8 reasons working at a dual agency can be beneficial for your business. 

Ability to Work as a Team

Since your clients are hiring the whole company rather than just one agent, you can take advantage of the full support of other agents, staff, and management. 

Flexibility in How You Work

Dual agencies offer you flexibility. If you want to partner with other agents, the option is there, but you can also work independently if that’s more your style. It’s totally up to you!

Guidance and Support

We have multiple brokers and managers on staff to answer questions or troubleshoot issues, so someone is always available to help. 

Built-in Coverage

If you go on vacation or need coverage, it’s super easy to get help from other Gove Group agents. No additional paperwork required!

Weekly Meetings to Share Information

We’re able to have greater transparency because of our dual agency status and utilize this to share useful information at our weekly sales meeting. 

Unlimited Mentors

For new agents, you have the opportunity to learn from a whole company of agents. You can observe different sales styles, gain exposure, and establish a well-rounded approach to your business.

Marketing Purposes

You’re able to market yourself as having the support of a large team. After all, 50 agents are better than one!

Supplement Your Business

If you have some down time, you can supplement your business by helping other agents out.

Of course there is increased liability on transactions where both parties are represented by the same agency or the same agent, but it’s manageable with the appropriate knowledge and experience. A company that functions as a Dual Agency is familiar with dual agency transactions and has a process for handling them appropriately.

Contact us today at to discuss whether joining a Dual Agency is the right move for your business. Here at The Gove Group, it’s just one more way we’re Raising the Standard in Real Estate.


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