How Vacation is Transforming the Way People Live

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Over the last few years, the way people travel has changed significantly. Traveling used to be a big ordeal for a family once a year. They would plan it out months in advance trying to find the cheapest flights and hotels at their destination. Once they arrived, they would enjoy the “touristy” spots and end up spending a lot more money on eating out everyday than they planned. Everyone would enjoy the trip and never want to return home. As they board the plane to return to their normal lives, they would see the next family excited for their adventure to begin that week. 

While many families still travel like this as it is what works for them, either due to work or even financially, many families are not happy with the old ways. Thanks to new companies like Airbnb and other short-term rental companies, they are changing the way we travel and the way we look for permanent homes. In terms of travel, Airbnb gives people a new outlet. Now for the week, people can spend their time on the beach all day, and come back to my fully furnished home with a kitchen to prepare dinner. 

But, what if you could live where you vacation? With new setbacks like COVID-19 in the last few years, and the rise of short-term rental companies, people are raising the standard for where they vacation and what it has to offer. Companies like Airbnb are showing travelers the new benefits of having a home in that area. If they really enjoy having a fully furnished home next to a ski resort or right on the beach, chances are they may consider making it permanent, especially if that area has prepared itself for more permanent living.

A great example is the expansion of Waterville Valley Mountain Resort in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. For many years Waterville was a mountain used mainly by locals. But, over the last few years, Waterville has committed itself to expanding and growing its traffic. They have expanded the mountain adding more trails for people to ski. They also increased the amount of housing, with more options within the village to enjoy what Waterville has to offer. If skiing, hiking, biking, and more are something you and your family enjoy, maybe Waterville is your next living destination. It offers great skiing at a great price, especially compared to some of the bigger mountains who are charging a fortune.

Due to the conversion of many jobs being remote, people want to spend two, three, and even up to six months at their “vacation” home, not two or three weeks. Because the standards are changing, people want a fully furnished home to live in with multiple rooms, not something small and basic that most people can accept for a short time. They want the surrounding restaurants and activities to be open as well, especially when there is the “offseason”. Even now, the offseason is becoming smaller and smaller. One “tourist season” that has grown over the last 20 years is that of Hilton Head in South Carolina. Their “tourist season” during the summer used to only last until the kids went back to school, around September and maybe even part of October. Today, their season lasts all the way until the end of November. The people who live there during the summer are staying later, keeping restaurants and nearby activities open for the now-busy end of the year. People are spending more time in the locations they love and enjoy.

So, where do you like to vacation? Do you use companies like Airbnb to find a place to stay? Do you have a “vacation” home? If you do, would you consider using it for longer than just a “vacation”? These are questions you should be asking yourself, and your answers may lead you to something new.


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