Is Fall a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Posted: September, 9, 2022 | Categories: Buyer Resources | By The Gove Group Real Estate, LLC


We often get asked about the fall home buying season, and if buying a home in fall is a good idea. The short answer – it can be! It really depends on you and your own personal situation. While the market tends to slow once November hits and buyers and sellers alike prepare for the holiday season, there are still advantages to buying later in the fall. If you’re looking to move on a certain timeline, there’s certainly no reason to wait. Keep reading to learn about a few reasons why buying in the fall can be advantageous. 

Fewer Buyers in the Market

Since fewer people are buying homes in the fall season, that means less competition and more negotiating power for you. 

Sellers are Motivated

A lot of the sellers who have homes listed in the fall season either have had their homes on for a while and they didn’t sell or are otherwise motivated to sell. Sellers may also be more motivated to sell before winter and the holidays. These sellers are likely more serious and more willing to negotiate.

Real Estate Agents Have More Time

Since less people are selling and buying homes in the fall as winter approaches, real estate agents won’t be as busy and will have more time to focus on you. And this doesn’t just apply to REALTORS® – there can be several people involved in the sale of a home, including mortgage lenders, property appraisers, closing attorneys, and more. This will help make the process smoother and more efficient. 

You Can Get Better Deals on Upgrades and Furnishings 

Most people buy at least some new furniture or appliances when they purchase a home, and fall is a great time to do it. You can take advantage of holiday sales and enjoy discounts on last year’s models. 

Ultimately, when you buy and sell is a very personal decision that usually relies on outside factors. Maybe you got a new job or are looking to move closer to family. If moving this fall is what’s going to work best for you, there’s no reason to wait!  Check out our buy with us or sell with us pages to learn more about working with The Gove Group Real Estate. 


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