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New Spec Home Options: Quick Start and Quick Delivery Homes


In our last article we explained what a spec home is and why you should consider buying one. A spec home is a move-in ready home, but move-in ready can be quite broad when it comes to a timeline. Using “Quick Start” homes and “Quick Delivery” homes as our new options, we can talk about a “spec home” in two different ways.

Quick Start Homes

Floor plans predetermined allowing new construction to be expedited.


A Quick Start home has the floor plans pre-determined by the builder (i.e. a spec home), with plans in hand or in progress and selections underway or completed. What this means is that the builder has everything ready to go or has just begun construction on the available spec home. From a buyer's perspective a Quick Start home will be completed much quicker than a custom home, where the whole process starts from scratch. The purpose of a Quick Start home is to save you time compared to that of a custom home.


Quick Delivery Homes

Construction complete or underway with set floor plans and options, enabling a fast closing.


A quick delivery home is a spec-home that is already under construction (i.e. a Quick Start home much farther down the timeline), with a target close date already determined. This target close date is typically within 30-60 days of completion. From a buyer’s perspective a Quick Delivery home can be bought the fastest when it comes to new construction homes. Everything has been picked and construction is almost complete, so moving will be a much faster process.


As you look at new construction homes, look out for terms like Quick Start and Quick Delivery. Here at The Gove Group we are going to be using them frequently moving forward within our new home communities to help buyers better understand what is available and how long you will have to wait before calling a new home yours! 


Don’t wait! The market is showing a perfect time to sell your current home to move into a new construction home. We have hundreds of options including building your dream home from scratch or choosing from many Quick Start and Quick Delivery homes! The choice is yours.


For a more in depth analysis of what a spec-home is, check out our previous blog here.


Feel free to shoot us an email, info@thegovegroup.com, call us, 603.778.6400, or get in contact with one of our agents today!


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