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Tax season is upon us so here are some ways that homeowners can claim deductibles:

Home Renovation: Normally renovations are not deductible from your taxes, but if you make renovations for medical purposes, you can deduct them as medical expenses. This can include a wheelchair ramp or lowering cabinets. If these renovations raise the value of your home, then you cannot deduct them as medial expenses.

Moving Expenses: If you meet the IRS distance and time tests after relocating for a new job, you can take a moving expense deduction. Qualified expenses include the cost of moving your belongings and traveling to your new home. The standard rate is 19 cents per mile. You can also deduct the cost of lodging, but not meals for yourself and other members

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Many people struggle with the options of renting or buying when they are in the process of moving. Some questions you should first ask yourself are:

1. How long do you expect to be in your home?

If you expect to be in your home for less than five years then you should rent, but if you expect to be there over five years than buying may be the better option. 

 2.Would you be content if circumstances meant you had to stay longer?

If another housing crisis occurred, would you be happy with where you are living. If yes, then you should buy. If not, then you should rent. 

 3. How stable are you in your job life?

If you are not secure or are considering relocation then you should rent, but if it seems to be stable then you should buy. Buying a

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Although we would first and foremost suggest TheGoveGroup.com as your primary location for searching for homes, we did some additional research and these apps seem to have the useful information for homebuyers on your mobile device.

Here are our favorite Top 5 Mobile Apps:
1. Around Me : AroundMe shows the necessities like banks, restaurants, gas stations and hospitals near a given location.
2. Houzz : The app includes more than 200,000 photos that can be browsed by room, style and metropolitan area as well as information on local professionals.
3. Trulia : Your destination for all real estate listings and rental properties.
4. Zillow : The largest inventory of properties, also superior in its ability to sort listings by any number of criteria. 

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It's probably safe to say that most people are ready to say goodbye to 2016, and welcome 2017 with open arms. But with the Feds recently raising interest rates a bit, and a new President-elect, what will 2017 bring for our economy and housing market? Lets start with how we're looking right now.

New Hampshire's economy is doing pretty well, actually. According to the New Hampshire Business Review (NHBR), our unemployment rate is just 2.7%, its lowest since 2001; NH added 17,000 jobs in 2016; bankruptcy filings have been on the decline for the past five years, falling an additional 7% this year; foreclosures are back down to where they were before the recession; overall average hourly earnings for NH residents increased to $26.10 this year; single-family

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From gifts for the youth to open on Christmas to meals, Chase Home in Portsmouth receives tremendous support from surrounding businesses during the holidays. Recently, The Gove Group Real Estate in Stratham contacted Chase Home to discuss a partnership with the nonprofit agency in 2017.

After taking several representatives from The Gove Group on a tour of Chase Home, Executive Director Meme Wheeler said she was “completely shocked” when Owner Scott Gove presented her with a $4,500 check. 

“Our Board President Rob Levey and I just looked at each other in amazement,” she said. “Their generosity overwhelmed us.”

For Gove, the opportunity to invest in Chase Home for 2017 reflected his company’s strong interest in working with organizations that

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Home sales in Rockingham & Strafford Counties fell 9.9% in November, coming in below 600 for the first time since May of this year. It is not uncommon for sales to fall this time of year, but November has been relatively strong compared to years past. In the last two years we have seen a 24% decrease in sales from October to November compared to this year's 9.9% fall. November home sales are up 11% over November of 2015. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see sales remain above normal for this time of year due to the influx of buyers locking in interest rates before further increase.

Average home sales price rose 3% in November continuing a 7-month stretch of average price above $305,000. At $318,401 the average sales price in November was 11% higher

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Why wait for spring? The hustle and bustle of the holidays may be the perfect time to sell your home. Whether it's been on the market for awhile or the "for sale" sign just went up, there are some benefits to opening your home to buyers when the snow starts to fly. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Supply and Demand: It's the old rule of supply and demand. The number of listings declines in the winter so serious buyers have fewer properties to see... less competition means a quicker, higher sale than might occur in the spring, summer or fall. If you wait until spring to list your home, more and more homes will be added in the mix, creating less demand for your property.

2. Serious Buyers: Potential buyers who are looking for homes in the winter are

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The Gove Group Real Estate has recently obtained our Massachusetts licensure, making us licensed in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. We are a local greater-Seacoast-area real estate agency consisting of about 40 sales associates, offering a full suite of home sale services for buyers and sellers alike. We are consistently a leader in selling and marketing homes in Southeastern NH and Maine, and we hope to have a similar impact on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

The Gove Group offers a unique team-based approach to real estate, which works especially well for our specialization in new construction. The company holds the largest pool of new construction inventory in Rockingham, Strafford and York counties, representing roughly 15 different

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Imagine waking up on Christmas morning all settled in your new home, or ringing in 2017 surrounded by your friends and family in your new living room. The holiday season is a magical time for many, and spending it in a new home can make it even more magical. But don't rule out new construction because of the wait... We have a selection of new homes that are complete now, or can be complete in time for you to spend the holidays at home, in your new home.

Why buy new? There are many existing homes for sale that can close quickly and bring you home for the holidays. But new construction offers many things that bring moving or buying a home to a whole different level. For one, there's nothing closer to a move-in ready home than a new home. The builder

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Home sales in Rockingham and Strafford counties fell 6.5% in October and are 6.7% below October of 2015. We believe the stagnant sales figures are the result of the upcoming election in November and anticipate sales to correct themselves once the uncertainty of the election season has passed. Inventory continues to be extremely tight with current housing supply in Rockingham and Strafford counties sitting at just over 3 months.

Average home sales price dipped slightly in October coming in at $309,293, down 5.2% from last month's high of $326,359. Even with the decline, the average sales price is still up over 12% from the same time last year. Even with prices coming down slightly this month, we expect them to continue to stay above the $300,000

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