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For the second month in a row, we saw an unusually low amount of single-family home closings in Rockingham and Strafford counties in April.  Although there was a little bit of an increase over the number of closings in March, April still saw roughly 70 fewer closings than it did in the past three years.  This is likely due to the quieter-than-usual winter we saw.  Also, there was an usually high number of closings in February, so we should see an increase again this coming month.

April rang in with the highest average sale price in Rockingham and Strafford counties that we've seen since January.  Now closer to the high 200's, April's average sale price for single-family homes came in at $279,177.  The last few years have not seen a tremendous

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The numbers below show that this January was slower than last year, in terms of closings for Rockingham and Strafford counties as a whole. We are still optimistic, however, that the Spring Market we're entering into will bring a surge of closings throughout the spring and summer months, as the trends show.     Average sale prices in Rockingham and Strafford counties continue to creep up, hitting $292,656 in January. If the trends continue, we may expect to see the average sale price hit $300,000 at some point this year. With the market we're expecting to see this year, bidding wars and heavy competition for small amounts of inventory may help drive sale prices up faster than the trends might indicate.       
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A growing trend in the United States right now is tiny houses. What is a tiny house, you ask? A tiny house is one that is typically smaller than 300 square feet, but still offers all the necessary amenities of a home: kitchen, bathroom, sleeping space, storage space... these homes could be on wheels or a foundation, and the possibilities really are as endless as the owner can imagine.

While some people look at tiny houses and fail to imagine how anyone could fit all their belongings in such a small space, the people that have dared to try it have found that living in a tiny house can actually simplify your life, making you happier, healthier, and of course more energy efficient. You can forego your mortgage and sell the majority of your home decor --

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The Gove Group and Symes Associates are pleased to announce that The Hills at Crockett Farm in Stratham, New Hampshire is SOLD OUT!

The conveniently located Stratham homessites and packages were priced starting in the $400's. The Hills at Crockett Farm allows new home owners to live in a great commuter town. Stratham is close to major routes 101 and 95. It is surrounded by popular places like downtown Portsmouth and Hampton Beach. 

The Hills at Crockett Farm as well as a couple previous new home communities, was built by Symes Associates. Symes Associated has been creating quality homes and neighborhoods in NH, Maine and Massachusetts since 1967. 

For information on similar new home communities call The Gove Group Real Estate at 603.778.6400 or

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It's your go-to space for gathering, relaxing and lounging. Give it the attention it deserves. Your living room should shine, after all. Here are five different layout ideas to spruce things up.

Source: http://www.furnishedup.com/blog/2014/02/living-room-layout-guide/

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The total number of single family home sales in Rockingham and Strafford counties in 2015 (7,440 sales) was up 13% over 2014 (6,562 sales).  This is huge compared to the mere 1.6% increase in sales from 2013 to 2014.  As seen by the graph below, we saw the biggest increase in sales in the months of May through October, although most months had at least some increase.


Despite slight mortgage rate increases, we are already seeing many buyers and sellers in 2016.  If 2015 is any indication of what 2016 will bring, our predictions are correct in that we will see even more sales to ring in the best year our market has seen in a long time.

    Average sale prices in Rockingham and Strafford counties continue to creep up and hover right…
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Your home deserves a little attention this year!  In addition to your resolutions to be more active, expand your family, or be more adventurous, add these easy “resolutions for your home” to your list!

Streamline the Stuff

Over the years we collect more and more stuff, so it’s time to seriously declutter.  Make it a priority to go through every room in your home within the month of January and donate anything that you don’t want or use, or is broken, to charity.  To make it last, think twice before buying more stuff going forward; do you really need that shiny new hammer or a fifth blue sweater?  Probably not.

Having trouble getting rid of things?  Have a friend help you.  A non-bias third party makes it a whole lot easier to say goodbye to

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Sales were up by 10% this November with 1,145 single family homes closed for a 10% gain over last year. Sales in December are projected to continue the improvement we’ve seen month after month this year, which will likely put state-wide single family sales over 14,500, the highest amount of sales since the market peaked in 2005. The average sale price also continues to improve steadily reaching $276,682.

Demand for housing in Southern New Hampshire has largely drained supply of good standing homes. We fully expect this market to continue to improve and we expect to see home prices for new and existing homes continue to climb and the market continue to favor sellers. Additionally, we expect to see more and more buyers jumping state lines in order to

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Let’s compare and start on the other side of the world. Real estate is big business and homes are smaller and more efficient. This trend is increasing and then of course comes into play where do you put your vehicles. Across the globe, the in parking spots in Sydney, Australia have become golden assets due to high land prices. The market is so strong there that houses are going for million plus. This and the rise in population have caused the cost of parking spaces to spike. On average, a strip of asphalt is selling for around $100,000. 

But how does this affect America and more importantly the seacoast of New Hampshire? 

ParkWhiz.com is an app and website that allows people to find parking spots close to where they are going and compare prices of

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The Gove Group is proud to announce that Riverwalk Place in Manchester, NH is SOLD OUT!

The unique downtown homes of Riverwalk Place were priced in the mid $200’s to low $300’s, one of the more budget friendly ways to live the sophisticated city life.  Riverwalk, conveniently located in Manchester, NH allows home owners to live and walk to nearby attractions. 

As well as many of our other new home communities, Riverwalk Place was built by Chinburg Properties. Chinburg Properties is a fully integrated development and construction firm with over twenty years of experience in New Hampshire and Maine. Although this subdivision has been sold out, we have many other high quality new home communities you are able to look through!

For more information on

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